Asma Gharbi is a creative photographer based in Tunisia and Munich.


My Ph.D. in biotechnology inspired me to film my grandmother, as she prepared food, during a traditional ritual festival in 2016, but I realized that I needed to do more than just capture moments on film to truly honor her.

This ignited a profound artistic passion, leading me to study cinema and multimedia. Now, I strive to create films that go beyond the surface, encapsulating the essence of fleeting moments and making them timeless in their emotive impact.


What matters most to me is immortalizing the emotions and sensitivities of my subjects through my photography. Whether it’s capturing the performances of artists or the impactful work of non-profit communities, I strive to create a connection with them and showcase their authentic feelings in my photos. Through my lens, I aim to convey the unique essence and sensitivities of my subjects, preserving their stories and emotions for generations to come.


As a photographer, I capture a diverse range of artists – actors, dancers, singers, musicians, and non-profit communities. Through my lens, I showcase their unique personalities, emotions, and stories, conveying their creative expression and impact. From emotive performances to powerful vocals and meaningful contributions, my photography celebrates the artistry and significance of these individuals and groups. It’s an honor to document their talents and share their visual narratives, encapsulating their essence in my photographs.